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Golden Gate Diner

1318 Union Blvd, Allentown, PA 18109
Open 24 hours : (610) 435-9111
Breakfast available all day

Weekday lunch specials available from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. are for dine in only. No take out orders.

Appetizers & Soups

Cup of Soup $1.65

Bowl of Soup $1.95

Fresh Fruit Cup $2.95

Pita $2.95

sliced and grilled, served with tzatziki sauce

Fried Corn Nuggets $3.95

Fried Battered Mushrooms $3.95

with marinara

Mozzarella Sticks (4) $4.25

Jalapeño Poppers (5) $4.50

Potato Skins (3) $4.50

with cheddar cheese & bacon

Cheese Quesadillas $4.75

Cheese Quesadillas $6.75

with Chicken, Onions & Peppers

Clam Strips $5.25

with cocktail sauce

Fried Shrimp (2) $5.25

with cocktail sauce

Buffalo Wings (7) $5.50

with bleu cheese & celery

Popcorn Chicken $5.25

served with Ranch dressing

Chicken Fingers (3) $5.25

with BBQ suace

Golden Gate Basket Mix $6.75

fried mushrooms, corn nuggets, onion rings, (2) poppers and (2) mozzarella sticks

Sampler $6.75

(2) chicken fingers, (3) buffalo wings and (2) mozzarella sticks

For the Weight Conscious

Stuffed Tomato Rosette $6.50

with Tuna or Chicken Salad, Cottage Cheese and Jello

Petite Chopped Steak or Grilled Chicken Breast $6.95

with Cottage Cheese & Fruit Salad

Fresh Fruit Salad $6.50

with jello and sherbet

Chef's Salad (Small) $5.50

Mixed greens with turkey, ham, roast beef, cheese, egg & tomato

Chef's Salad (Large) $7.50

Mixed greens with turkey, ham, roast beef, cheese, egg & tomato

Greek Salad (Small) $5.50

Add chicken $1.45

Greek Salad (Large) $7.50

Add chicken $2

Grilled Chicken Salad (Small) $5.50

Grilled Chicken Salad (Large) $7.50

Chicken Finger Salad (Small) $5.50

Chicken Finger Salad (Large) $7.50

Caesar Salad (Small) $4.95

Add chicken $1

Caesar Salad (Large) $6.25

Add chicken $1.70

Cobb Salad (Small) $6.50

with grilled chicken, hard-boiled egg, bacon, tomato, cucumber, and Monterey Jack cheese

Cobb Salad (Large) $8.95

with grilled chicken, hard-boiled egg, bacon, tomato, cucumber, and Monterey Jack cheese

Mini Tuna Platter $4.50

One scoop of tuna salad, on bed of lettuce, with egg, sliced tomato and crackers

6 oz. Grilled Chicken Breast $7.95

on a bed of lettuce with tomatoes, cucumbers, and your choice of fruit

Golden Gate Features

Golden Gate Special $3.95

1/4 lb. freshly ground, first quality beef. Served with lettuce, tomato, onion and golden brown French fries

Tuna Melt or Patty Melt or Turkey Melt $4.75

with Swiss, served with French fries

Turkey Burger $4.75

with lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise, served with onion rings

Chicken Fingers (3) $5.95

served with French fries

Grilled Cheesesteak Sandwich $5.50

with sauteed onions, sauce, and 3 pierogies

Grilled Marinated Chicken Breast & Jumbo Fried Shrimp (3) Combo $9.95

6 oz. Black Diamond Steak & Jumbo Fried Shrimp (3) Combo $12.95

Country Style Omelette $5.25

three scrambled eggs with homefries, onions, green peppers, ham and toast

Cheese Steak Omelette $6.25

three scrambled eggs with steak meat, cheese, onions and marinara

Breakfast Sampler $6.95

2 French toast or 2 hot cakes, 2 eggs (any style), 3 sausage links, and 2 slices of bacon

8 oz. NY Steak or Delmonico & Eggs $9.50

with homefries and toast

4 oz. Sirloin Steak & Eggs $6.25

with homefries and toast

Triple Decker Clubs

Serve with lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise, pickles and chips

Roast Beef & Bacon $5.95

Roast Turkey & Bacon $5.95

Boiled Ham, Cheese & Tomato $5.95

Tuna Salad $5.95

with sliced egg & tomato

Cheeseburger $5.95

with bacon & tomato

Grilled Chicken Breast $5.95

with bacon, tomato & lettuce

Golden Gate Club $6.50

with ham, turkey, roast beef & Swiss

Pita, Croissant, and Wrap Sandwiches

Served with pickles and chips. Add french fries to any sandwich $1.50

Tuna or Chicken Salad $3.50

with lettuce & tomato on a pita

Ham, Egg & Cheese $3.50

on a croissant

Turkey, Swiss Cheese & Tomato $3.95

on a croissant

Gyro Sandwich $4.75

beef or chicken

Grilled Chicken Gyro $5.25

Ham or Roast Beef Wrap $4.75

with American cheese, lettuce and tomato with honey mustard

Chicken Salad or Tuna Salad Wrap $4.75

with bacon, lettuce and tomato

Buffalo Chicken Wrap $4.95

grilled chicken with lettuce, tomato, and hot sauce

Crispy Chicken Caesar Wrap $4.95

with romaine lettuce and tomato

Cheese Steak Wrap $4.95

with onions, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise

Turkey Club Wrap $4.95

with bacon, lettuce, tomato & mayonnaise

French Dip $4.95

on a steak roll with Swiss cheese and mushrooms

Burgers & More

Served on a kaiser roll with french fries & coleslaw. California Style 50¢

Bacon and Cheese Burger $5.95

6 oz. burger

Mushroom Swiss Burger $5.95

6 oz. burger

BBQ Chicken Sandwich $5.95

grilled chicken breast with bacon and cheddar cheese

Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich $5.95

with lettuce, tomato, onions & mayonnaise

Haddock Sandwich $5.95

Fried haddock with lettuce & tomato

Hot Roast Beef $5.95

on a bun with melted swiss cheese & mushrooms

Veal or Chicken Parmigiana $5.95


All sandwiches served with potato chips & pickles

Frankfurter $1.85

Fried Egg $2.15

add ham or bacon $1.10

Grilled Cheese $2.50

add tomato $.45

Hamburger $2.50

Cheeseburger $2.70

California Burger $2.70

Egg Salad Sandwich $2.75

with lettuce

Chicken Salad $2.95

Meatloaf $2.95

with mayonnaise

Crab Cake Sandwich $3.25

Bacon Cheeseburger $3.25

Fried Chicken Breast $3.25

Pork Roll Sandwich $3.25

Turkey Burger $3.25

with lettuce, tomato & mayonnaise

Western Egg Sandwich $3.25

(2 eggs)

Fried Haddock Sandwich $3.50

Grilled Ham & Cheese $3.50

Patty Melt $3.50

on rye, with onions

Tuna Melt $3.50

Turkey Melt $3.50

with Swiss and tomato

B.L.T. on Toast $3.50

Tuna Fish Salad $3.50

Roast Beef $3.50

with mayonnaise & lettuce

Cold Turkey $3.50

with mayonnaise & lettuce

Steak Sandwich $3.75

Veal Parmesan Sandwich (5 oz.) $3.95

Meatball Parmigiana Sandwich $4.50

on a steak roll with mozzarella cheese and sauce

Cheese Steak Sandwich $4.75

Hot Sandwiches

Served open faced, with one vegetable and potato.

Meatloaf Sandwich $6.50

Roast Beef Sandwich $6.50

Hot Turkey Sanwich $6.50

Hot Ham Sandwich $6.50

For the Smaller Appetite

Smaller portions than our regular menu. Dinner includes soup, plus one vegetable or salad.

Chicken Croquette $5.25

One croquette

Fried Crab Cake $5.25

Grilled Chicken Breast $5.25

Liver $5.25

with onions

Meatloaf $5.25

Spaghetti $5.25

with meat sauce

Chopped Sirloin $5.95

with onions

Fried Haddock $5.95

Pork Chop $5.95

One pork chop

Veal or Chicken Parmigania $5.95


Entrées include soup, one vegetable, salad, bread and butter.

Fried Baby Beef Liver $6.95

with stewed onions

Grilled Marinated Chicken Breast $6.95

Meatloaf $6.95

Our Own Chicken Croquettes $6.95

served with cream sauce

Chopped Sirloin Steak $7.50

served with fried onions

Golden Fried Chicken Fingers $7.50

Southern Fried Chicken $7.50

Roast Turkey $7.95

Roast Top Sirloin of Beef $8.50

served with au jus

Broiled Seafood

Served from 12 - 9 p.m. Includes our fresh salad, cup of soup, one vegetable, homemade bread and butter.

Broiled Grouper $8.50

Broiled Trout $8.50

Flounder $8.50

with lemon butter

Haddock $8.50

with lemon butter

Our Own Crab Cakes $8.50

Stuffed Flounder $8.95

with crabmeat

Stuffed Flounder Filet Ala Greque $8.95

spinach & feta cheese filling

Stuffed Haddock $8.95

with crabmeat

Stuffed Mushrooms $8.95

with crabmeat

Stuffed Shrimp $8.95

with crabmeat

Seafood Combination $12.95

haddock, scallops, shrimp and stuffed mushrooms with crabmeat

8 oz. Delmonico Steak with broiled crabcake $12.95

Sea Scallops $13.95

with lemon butter

Steaks & Chops

Entrées include soup, one vegetable, salad, bread and butter.

Black Diamond Steak $11.50

London Broil $8.50

served with mushrooms & gravy

Two Center Cut Pork Chops $8.50

with sliced tomato

Virginia Ham Steak $8.50

with pineapple ring

New York Sirloin Strip Steak $13.95

T-Bone Steak $15.95

Fried Seafood

Entrées include choice of tartar or cocktail sauce, soup, salad, one vegetable, bread and butter.

Shrimp in the Basket $6.95

Clam Strips $6.95

Homemade Crab Patties $7.50

Filet of Haddock $7.95

Flounder $7.29

Prime Oysters $8.25

Jumbo Fantail Shrimp $7.95

Deep Sea Scallops $11.95

Seafood Combination $11.95

with crabcake, haddock, shrimp, oyster and scallops

Italian Entrées

Includes soup, salad & bread.

Fried Eggplant Parmigiana $6.50

with spaghetti

Italian Spaghetti $6.50

with meatballs

Baked Manicotti Parmigiana $6.50

Cheese Ravioli $6.50

Baked Stuffed Lasagna $6.95

Stuffed Shells (3) $6.95

Veal Cutlet $6.95

with spaghetti

Chicken Parmigiana $7.50

with spaghetti

Veal Parmesan $7.50

with spaghetti

Ravioli $7.95

with meatballs

Chop Sirloin Parmigiana $7.95


Coleslaw $1.35

Applesauce $1.35

Pickled Beets $1.35

Cucumber Salad $1.35

Cottage Cheese $2.25

with apple butter

Side Orders

Garlic Roll or Pita $1.25

Fried Onion Rings $2.35

French Fries $1.85

Fries $2.95

with cheese sauce

Homefries $1.85

Pierogies $2.75

Three pierogies

Side Salad $2.50

Side Greek Salad $3.50

Spaghetti $2.50

with sauce

Children's Menu

(12 years or younger) All are served with a small ice cream & small beverage.

The Batman $4.25

Grilled cheese with french fries

The Giraffe $4.25

Hot dog with french fries

Superman $4.50

Cheeseburger with french fries

The Astronaut $4.75

Chicken fingers with french fries

Tarzan $4.75

Roast turkey with gravy and one vegetable

The Spiderman $4.75

Spaghetti with meatball

Super Mario $4.75

Pita pizza with sauce and cheese


Two Eggs $3.25

homefries, buttered toast & jelly

Two Eggs with choice of Ham, Sausage Patties, Bacon, or Scrapple $4.50

homefries, buttered toast & jelly

One Egg $2.95

homefries, buttered toast & jelly

One Egg with choice of Ham, Sausage Patties, Bacon, or Scrapple $3.95

homefries, buttered toast & jelly


All omelettes are made with three eggs and served with homefries, buttered toast & jelly. Add cheese 50¢ extra. Substitute toast with english muffin 25¢ extra. Substitute Toast with Bagel 50¢ extra

Plain $3.95

Cheese $4.25

Onion $4.25

Ham $4.95

Sausage $4.95

Bacon $4.95

Mushroom $4.95

Western $5.25

Swiss Cheese & Tomato $5.25

Spinach & Feta Cheese $5.75

Farm Omelette $5.50

mushrooms, onions, peppers & tomatoes

House Omelette $5.95

ham, mushrooms & swiss cheese

Griddle Cakes & French Toast

The following include butter & syrup.

2 Golden Brown Hot Cakes (Short Stack) or 2 French Toast $3.25

2 Golden Brown Hot Cakes (Short Stack) or 2 French Toast with breakfast meat $4.50

with choice of sausage patties, ham, bacon, or scrapple

3 Golden Brown Hot Cakes or 3 French Toast $3.75

3 Golden Brown Hot Cakes or 3 French Toast with breakfast meat $4.95

with choice of sausage patties, ham, bacon, or scrapple

Blueberry or Chocolate Chip Pancakes $4.50

From the Bunnery

Sticky Buns $2.25

Bagel $1.50

add cream cheese for $.75

Raisin Bagel $1.95

Toast $1.20

Doughnut $1.20

English Muffin $1.25

Blueberry or Corn Muffin $1.95


Whipped Cream on Desserts ~ add 20¢

Jello $1.95

Rice Pudding $1.95

Tapioca Pudding $1.95

Ice Cream $2.50

2 scoops

Homemade Crumb Pie $2.95

Homemade Cream Pie $3.15

Pie a la Mode $3.95

Cheese Cake $3.50

Specialty Cakes $3.25

Fresh Fruit Cup $2.95

Sundaes $3.75

Ice Cream Sodas $3.25


Coffee with Cream $1.30

Decaffinated Coffee $1.30

White Milk $1.25


White Milk $1.75


White Milk $2.50

Ex. Large

Chocolate Milk $1.30


Chocolate Milk $1.80


Chocolate Milk $2.60

Ex. Large

Hot Chocolate $1.50

Iced Tea or Coffee $1.30

one refill

12 oz. Soda $1.50

one refill

16 oz. Soda $1.85

one refill

Hot Tea with Lemon $1.30

Milk Shake $3.75

Chilled Juices (Small) $1.25

Orange, tomato, apple

Chilled Juices (Large) $1.95

Orange, tomato, apple

Chilled Juices (Extra Large) $2.75

Orange, tomato, apple

Certain specials are available for dine in only.